Food Safety

Strube uses a comprehensive food safety program in order to adhere to and maintain proper procedures for the handling and storage of the products that we provide our customers. You can be confident we will be up to date on federal, state and industry regulations and to be a resource for you and your produce food safety.

Strube operates under PrimusGFS™, a third party audit system, to maintain these food safety standards annually. Included in these standards are the following areas:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Food Safety (includes Traceability/Recall)
  • Food Security / Food Defense
  • Sanitary Transportation

You can be assured the standards on all products purchased from Strube are followed and are acceptable for food consumption and consumer safety. It all starts by holding our suppliers up to the Good Agricultural Practices standards.

If you have any questions regarding food safety please contact us at

View our Primus Certification here.